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I Am A Wild Rodeo

bianca reveals

As a Las Vegas escort, I know the ins and outs of this grown-up excitement industry and will reach out to you the excellence of its procurement. I got a lot of my love for escorting with I visited the beautiful Miami escorts a few years ago. With such a variety of legitimate years of this life in the business, I generally ensure and give just the best. My administrations are adaptable as I can be your better half, your escort, your stripper, your partner, your friend and your sweet mate; the ball is in your court to order the choices you wish conveyed and like the normal saying – your wish turns into my summon.

I love and know how to dance and I will also give you a full body healthy massage, boobs to your chest and back, just any way you want it. I learned how to dance visiting the escorts in Miami Beach. Gave me a good excuse to keep up my beach body too. We can watch games together whether live at the stadium, at a sports bar or even at home or in the hotel and go partying, clubbing, dancing, and whatever pleases you as your satisfaction is my priority. You can call/contact me right now as I would like to be your escort.

Howdy y’all! Bianca here. I’m a Kansas City kind of gal who found herself in the wild rodeo ride that is Las Vegas. And I love it! When I moved here I became a Las Vegas escorts girl. It’s so much fun. I also work part time in a strip club, which is almost as much fun. But I don’t get to know y’all like I do when I’m workin’ as an escort! And that just ain’t good! Meeting hot, sexy men like you is all of why I got into this town! See, I know I’m a hot little thing. I’ve got these legs that men just can’t seem to stop biting. And my ass? Well, it might not be much but it’s enough to grab! I’ve never had any complaints about my tits either, but what do you think? Do you like what you see? What about my pretty brown hair? It’s not natural, but I think it suits the Las Vegas life style a little more. These big pretty eyes are all mine though! And all you have to do is call 702-506-0958 and you get to have me, all to yourself! Don’t you like the sound of that?

I bet you do big boy! And guess what? I like what I see in you too! If you’re here you must be a fun loving guy who wants a little companionship while he’s in Las Vegas. Well guess what? Bianca is here to make sure you have the time of your life. Life is about fun. I came to Las Vegas to enjoy myself. Between being an escort and meeting sexy guys and being a stripper I’m in the best shape of my life. I can dance till the end of the moon with you if you want. And don’t worry, we don’t have to line dance. I love to grind up on my dates. I can even do a little tweaking with this tiny little ass of mine. Wouldn’t you like to see me stick it straight in the air and shake it? I bet you would. If you let me take you to all of my favorite night club spots we can do just that. You’ll be the envy of every other guy in town, I can promise you that. There ain’t no other girl in Las Vegas quite like me!

I really like it when my dates let me show up in my own clothes. I have these tiny little daisy dukes that hug these gams just perfectly. And my cowgirl hat looks great when I’m not wearing anything else! You ever seen a girl in just cowboy boots and a hat? You’ll want to see me like that. If you invite me over to your hotel room I’ll give you a strip tease you won’t soon forget. Heck, I might even bring my lasso and really round up the fun. I can get down to any kind of music that you want. These clothes are coming off one way or another and I want you to enjoy the show. I can even wear fun costumes if you’d rather. I have all kind from sexy nurse outfits to hot French maids. I might be a Midwest lady but I’ll make you say Oui oui! I just love getting my hands all over my clients. I know what it’s like to have sore muscles. You work so hard baby. Let me get these magic hands all over you. You’ll feel better than you have in years, I promise you. You just have to trust in the power of erotic massage. That’s another thing I don’t get to do at my strip clubs. I just love touching my clients and make sure they are happy as can be. Won’t you let me make you happy baby?

I love to do parties. There is so much love in this little heart that I would just love to share it! If you have some friends who need a proper party thrown in their honor, I’d be honored to be your gal. I can bring my favorite girl friends with me too and give you an extra hot show. I don’t normally date girls, but I make exceptions for other escorts. There is something about getting to grind on another sexy Las Vegas escort that even gets my motor roaring! This one time we had a group of guys rent out a party bus. Me and three other Las Vegas escort got together and planned a sexy dance. We took turns grinding on the guys while making out with each other. It was so hot. By the end of it we had all given each guy a lap dance. And everyone was pretty pleased with the show we gave them at the end. If you want something like that just tell me! I’ll get some of my girlfriends together and we will really put on a show for you. I can handle a big party on my own too though, if you just want one girl. I kind of like being tossed around the room. It’s sexy to get to sit on everyone’s laps and know they are only hard for you. I’d love to get you there baby. You and all of your friends. So why not give me a call so we can make that happen?

Las Vegas has made all of my dreams come true. I’m not sure where I would be without this glorious town. I just love being a stripper. And I love being an escort even more. Its hot guys like you who make it all worth it. But if you don’t call me I won’t have anyone to make feel good, and then I’ll be sad. You don’t want me to be sad, do you baby? You don’t want this poor little cowgirl to be all by her lonesome, do you honey? Then pick up that phone and call me now. Neither one of us deserves to be alone tonight. I want to make you feel so good you can barely stand it. Call me right now and let’s get this rodeo going!