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Las Vegas is sure known for its incredible Las Vegas strip clubs. Do you wish you could have someone show you the way between all these different strip clubs Las Vegas has to offer, all without actually leaving all of the beautiful women behind? Well, let me take you by the hand and show you all the incredible locations there are to experience here in Vegas. I'm the best Las Vegas escorts girl, and I know my way around the place. I love hitting up the strip clubs and experiencing the true Las Vegas nitelife. Of course, I can also make it worth your wild when the evening comes to a close.

The best things about considering the finest Las Vegas Escorts. Some of the finest are always the one that travel and visit other escorts around the country. They know everything there is to know about the escort world. They get most of their tricks from visting the stunning girls in Miami. Florida seems to be one of the favored desitinations as well. If you have finally decided to fulfill your fantasy of spending a day or night with an escort while you are visiting Las Vegas, then do not hesitate to consider the best Las Vegas escorts who are ready to make your fantasy come true.

I have great and seductive body and I am not afraid to show it to all my clients. I learned how to trim my body by working part time as an Manhattan escort in New York. Taking me out as your companion in your arm, I usually spare time and effort to dress well to make every single person we are going to meet encounter immediate jealousy seeing how I look like.  I am one of the hottest girls in our location that will give you the best attention, love and care you’ve always wanted. I am very skilled and talented in all things around. I am not telling a lie since I am greatly confident and determined with the skills and personality I possess since you can always get the best out of my service.

Some people think of the Midwest as a little old fashioned. Well I say what’s wrong with that? Sometimes all you need is a beautiful girl with long brown hair, great big gorgeous eyes and a nice ass to grab and a nice cold beer. And guess what? That little girl might be me! My name is Bianca. I love to ride horses and make men feel good. I also love dancing. That’s why I work as a stripper. That, and I love getting the experience for my favorite job; pleasing you. I just want to bring you a nice, cold six pack and help you drink it. Maybe take off all of my clothes in the process and let you see my amazing body. I do work hard for it, after all. And I was not kidding about how nice my ass is. But you’re going to have to call 702-506-0958 to find that out for yourself, aren’t you?

If you’re the gambling type we could hit the casinos too sweetie. I just love going down to the betting floor, especially when it comes to the horse races. I know a good horse when I see one, I raised enough. I could really make you a lucky man out here. You’re gonna get so lucky with me baby. You don’t even know. Everyone is going to be jealous when they hear us screaming because we scored extra hard. And even if you don’t like racing, we can enjoy a beer and watch some football or maybe some baseball. Whatever you want. I love sports almost as much as I love my clients, and if you love sports then of course that is what we are going to do. I’ll even rub your back while you make your bets. Or maybe you’ll play the craps table or black jack. Whatever you want baby, I’ll play with you. And believe me when I say I play to win baby. Go big or go home, right?

Once we cash in we can hit the town and paint it red. We can go to my favorite night clubs and dance the night away. Or maybe we could head over to the place where I strip part time. I bet they would let me climb on stage and give you a real nice show in a proper strip club. Have you ever been to a strip club baby? It’s so much fun. There are just tons of hot women there wearing barely anything, grinding all up on you. It’s the most fun you’ll have in the world, aside from getting a private show from Bianca herself later than evening. In fact, if you’ve never gone to a strip club I would love to take you for your first time. Las Vegas has some of the finest strip clubs in the whole wide world and it would be a shame if you missed out on all of those glorious tits and ass.

In your hotel room I can give you shows you’ve never even dreamed of before. Have I mentioned how limber I am? I used to be a gymnast baby. These legs aren’t just for looking pretty. They can bend just about every which way you want them too. And if you ask me really nicely I might even kick up a heel and lay a leg over you. If you’re getting too worked up thinking about my sexy body I can always rub down yours. I can give you an erotic massage that really works out your kinks. It makes me wet just thinking about getting my hands all over your sexy body. I bet it feels really, really good. I just love rubbing oils all over my clients. Won’t you let me rub my oils on you? I have lotion too if you prefer the white stuff. And it smells so good. You’ll smell good, feel good. Baby it will just be good if you let me give you an erotic massage. My nipples are hard just thinking about it!

When I get all hot and bothered like this I love to climb in the shower and rub soap all over my hot body. I have really nice tits, don’t you think? Well they look even better when I lather them up with soap and water and really get them clean. You can help me by rooting me on. I’ll get soap on every single inch of my body and slowly spray it off. Maybe I’ll even bring in my favorite toys and show you how I like to play with myself in my own shower. We might not be able to do much, but I can show you all kinds of things. Things you can take to your next one night stand and really get applause for. Who doesn’t want a tantric lesson in the middle of a sexy encounter with an escort? I can show you whatever you want me to baby. All you have to do is call me. Have I mentioned that you need to call me? Because you do. I really want to take a shower now, and I’m already dripping wet. Thanks baby. Now call me!

There’s really no reason why we won’t have a fabulous date. You are hot. I am hot. You like my body. I cannot wait to see yours. It’s really a win win win situation. On top of it all, you’re a red-blooded American and I’m the all American stripper. We’re going to dominate this town with our red white and blue stripes. All you have to do is pick up the phone to get our date going. It will be the best decision you’ve made for yourself in a while, big boy. You’re going to love what I have to show you and I just know I’m going to love you too. So why not save us both some trouble and call me now? It’s not too hard. 702-506-0958. Call me. Let’s party in Las Vegas tonight!

Every once and a while you can find me on the east coast with the escorts in New York. These lasdies have taught me a lot so I always go back to visit and party with them Maybe you can have two of us? Hehe. That sounds so much fun! You have to meet me there!