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Make Your Friends Jealous

I love making men jealous. There is just something about it that gets me all riled up inside. It gets me going and turns me on. Seeing the look on men's faces when they walk past, checking me out, looking me up and down and just wishing they could be with me, there is no better feeling. Well, I guess there is one better feeling. I like it when you are with me and not only do they want me, but they are instantly jealous of you and how you have me. Don't worry, how we came to meet is our little secret. They don't need to know.

Show Me Off And Make Them Mad

Alright, so how are we going to show me off for you and make all of your friends mad? Well, we first need to make sure there is a bit of visual proof that shows we are together. You can't just go home and tell your friends about what we did and the naughty fun we had together. Because you know what? They just are not going to believe it. So, we can post a few pics to Facebook or Twitter.

That way, when your friends who are already jealous of you being in Vegas log onto their account, they are going to suddenly see you with a drop dead gorgeous Las Vegas escorts girl? They will hate you for life. From there, well, we can still take some picture, but some of the pictures we take you might want to keep to yourself. Let's just say I have a good feeling that there is going to be a bit of naughty skin showing in those pictures. So, let's just have a great time, show me off to your friends and to the people on the street, and then we will do a few things just for you. After all, I want to make sure you have something special to remember me by as well.

Let's Just Have Fun

Maybe you want to show me off to your friends back home and maybe you don't. Maybe you want to check out the Hover Dam or maybe you just want to stay in the hotel. Whatever it is you are looking for and whatever it is you want to do, all I know is you are going to have fun and a fantastic time when you are with me. I know how to show you a hot, sexy and naughty good time. So, if there is something you have been dreaming of, if it involves a beautiful woman, you are for sure going to be able to have it all happen with me, because I'm your sexy Vegas escort.